FCD Training for K-12 Educators

Facilitator of Career Development Training is for anyone working with children.

  • We are the classroom teacher.
  • We are the school counselors.
  • We are the Career and Technical Education teachers.
  • We are Administrators, Directors of Guidance, Special Education teachers, Psychologists and Social Workers.

We all have a stake in the future of our children.

We can integrate career development in EVERY domain of our children's education from the earliest ages in school.

School Is Preparation For Living • Help to Prepare Your Students For Life


Will our students be ready for:

  • College?
  • Technical Training?
  • The Workplace?

Successful Post-Secondary Transitions Start Early
Prepare Yourself And Your Students when you become a FCD.


Through your FCD - Facilating  Career Development Training with CCP Inc., You will Learn:

  • The National Career Development Guidelines (NCDG), a framework for thinking about the knowledge and skills young people and adults need to manage their careers effectively, from making decisions about school to taking that first job and beyond.
  • To apply career development theories and models through formal and informal assessments to help your students understand the relevance of what they are doing in school and to make better choices for their futures.
  • To expand your services to include K-12 students and their parents, teachers, counselors and administrators.
  • To provide your students with easily accessible career development information, learning activities and strategies that lead to informed career decision-making and lifelong learning.
  • To create a robust, career development center to deliver critical information, learning activities, and strategies.

FCD Info and application - Click link to download

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