Benefits of this flexible hybrid CDF instruction.

Benefits of the GCDF credential include:

  • A national/portable credential
  • A marketable certification
  • Professional recognition
  • Clarification of scope and practice

Benefits of becoming a Career Development Facilitator with Comprehensive Career Planning, Inc. and Malka Edelman

  • Participation is anytime and anywhere.  You can begin your experience and learning at any time. 
  • The course is extremely practical and your assignments and work are designed to enhance  your work.
  • We develop a workable schedule with understanding the need to balance work, family and your CDF learning.
  • Access to high quality resources
  • Access to your instructor and frequent skyping/zoom sessions. 
  • Electronic submission of assignments
  • Flexible timeline negotiated between CDF student and instructor.

CDF Application - Click link to download 

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