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Facilitator of Career Development Training, Instruction and Career Counseling

Malka Edelman - NCC, CCC, CRC, LMHC -  Master Trainer/Instructor for NCDA - Certified Career Service Practioner

Malka Edelman, President of Comprehensive Career Planning, Inc., has had a tremendous and positive impact on Career Development for over 33 years.

Malka is a Nationally Certified Counselor, a Certified Career Counselor, Certified Rehabilitation Counselor and a Licensed Mental Health Counselor. She has been faculty in graduate school counseling programs since 1996; first at Hofstra University and continuing on at NYIT - School Counseling program.

Malka served for 25 years as Director of Career Services at Farmingdale State College and for the last 33+ years served as Director of Services for Students with Disabilities as well.     She has a small private practice to help adults in career decision making and job search preparation.   She encourages all her students, FCDs and private clients to read and embrace "Happenstance theory" and to be open to possibilities.

Malka was selected by the National Career Development Association (NCDA) to be one of the first in the country to be trained as an instructor. In 1998, she was one of 19 individuals to be selected nationally and trained by NCDA to become a Master Trainer, qualified to train new instructors. Since 1998, she has trained numerous Career Development Facilitator Instructors (CDFIs). Included in those career development professionals she certified as an FCD-Instructor, are individuals from the United States Army Reserves in Fort Buchanan, Puerto Rico, Florida State University, Hofstra University,, State Department of Education of Pennsylvania, Department of Labor, Farmingdale Public Schools, State Department of Labor of Wyoming and Department of Education - Chicago and Governor’s Office, Department of Workforce Development, Shreveport, Louisiana.

Facilitator of Career Development [FCD] students come from near and far.   FCD students include Human Resource professionals, corporate trainers, directors of guidance, librarians, guidance counselors, teachers, and independent career development professionals and career coaches and counselors in universities and colleges.  They work in a university in Salt Lake City, Utah, CUNY and SUNY higher education systems in New York, the Department of Education and District 75 of NYC,  New York Jets,  and Nassau Board of Cooperative Education, Duke University, and all points around the United States.   Malka's FCD candidates are K-12 educators and counselors, Higher Education academci advisors and career services professionals, Wworkforce Development Professionals, Social Workers, Executive Coaches.  

Most recently, Malka is also training FCDs and FCD-Instructors around the world.    She has students in China, Nigeria, Azerbaijan and Beirut. Her FCD students come from Bogata, Columbia, Abu Dhabi  In the summer of 2012, she conducted FCD-Instructor training in Taiwan and more recently, in late winter 2014, [with a fellow Master Trainer], Instructor training was conducted in Shanghai. She returned once again to China for additional training.

Malka has moved FCD course from face to face for all 120 hours of instruction to online and now meets her students weekly [or more] on skype or zoom.  She does this with students in China, NYC, Lagos, Nigeria, New Jersey, Utah.    

In addition to her commitment to her CDF students, she has also been involved in many other training projects.  Most notably, she did an extensive multi-day training for the New York City Housing Authority.   She developed, wrote and implemented many other career development training programs for corporations [SYMBOL Technologies], Workforce Development, Queensborough Public Library, Jamaica, NY, Transition Planning for K-12 Students with Disabilities, Hauppauge Public Schools, Enhancing Career Development – Helping Skills, Diversity and Career Development, Implementing SIGI 3 and Discover, NYC Technical College (CUNY), National Conference for Employment and Training division of Catholic Charities. [selective list].

Most importantly, Malka is devoted to her family and manages a rewarding career and business. She would say that her dad encouraged her to always see the possibilities in every challenge and find possible solutions.  Malka's success is attributed to her simple passion and desire to help people. The Career field is always growing and changing and contains infinite possibilities for her and her clients.

Malka is dedicated to continuous learning and demonstrates this through her membership and participation in the NCDA and in particular, she served for 6 years on the NCDA Advisory Council for the FCD curriculum.  She served as co-chair and twice as chairperson of this exceptionally hard-working group.In 2017, she rejoined this dynamic group.

When Malka isn't busy doing all this for which she is passionate about, her true love are her 9 grandchildren and their parents.

Contact Malka at 516 384 7646

"The best way to predict the future is to create it."
Peter Drucker

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